Report a bug

Somehting seems wrong? Maybe we can fix it together.

Plume is probably not perfect, and may contain bugs. If you see something that seems abnormal (unexpected behavior, display issue, a grammar mistake, etc), you can report it, so that we can fix it.

If you have a Gitea or GitHub account

If the issue is about Plume itself, go on Gitea issues page (GitHub issues page). Then, all you have to do is to fill the title and the description of your issue, and to validate.

If your issue isn’t about Plume itself, find the appropriate repository in the list(GitHub), go to the “Issues” tab, click the green “New issue” button, and describe your problem.

If you don’t have a Gitea nor GitHub account

If you don’t have a Gitea nor GitHub account, and don’t want to create one, you can also report your issue on Matrix. Join the Plume room as explained in this guide, and send a message explaining what is wrong. We will take care of creating an issue on Gitea or GitHub for you.