Configuring Task Scheduler

If you want to start your Plume instance on system startup, you can use Task Scheduler in order to do so. To configure, use the following options when creating a task:

  1. Open up the Task Scheduler app
  2. On right hand side, choose Create Task
  3. General tab - Name: “Plume”; Description: “Plume: a federated blogging application”; Run whether user is logged on or not; Run with highest privileges; Configure for Windows 10
  4. Triggers tab - Begin the task At startup; Optionally Delay task for 30 seconds; Enabled
  5. Actions - Action: Start a program; Browse to plume.exe (default is C:\Users\%USERNAME%.cargo\bin\plume.exe); Start in: C:\path\to.env
  6. Conditions - Uncheck everything
  7. Settings - Allow task to be run on demand; Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed; If the running task does not end when requested, for it to stop; Do not start a new instance

If everything works fine, the last step before you can use your Plume instance is to configure a reverse-proxy.

Reverse-proxy configuration