Translators Guide

Explains how to translate Plume, and this documentation

我们使用 Crowdin 来翻译 Plume、 网站和本文档。 所有的原文都是英语,所以你需要懂英语,并且熟练掌握另外一门语言来帮助我们翻译。


要翻译Plume和相关项目,第一步是创建一个 Crowdin 帐户(除非你已经有一个)。

您可以在这里注册。 它只会向您询问典型的注册信息。 您还可以使用其他平台的帐户登录 (比如GitHub)。



其中一个页面,您可以找到一个语言列表。 选择您想要进行翻译的语言。

The list of all currently available languages

If your language is not in the list, tell us, we will add it.

一旦您选择了一种语言,您将看到要翻译的文件列表。 找到一个未100%完成的,并打开它。 Something like that should load:

The Crowdin editor


The Crowdin editor, but with colors for the different areas

In-context translations

Crowdin also provides a quite useful tool, called “in-context translations”. It allows you to translate website, while browsing them, and thus having all the context to understand what needs to be done.

We installed this tool for the documentation and (we may install it for Plume too one day, but it is a bit more complicated). You can go on and to use it.

An example of in-context translation


When translating Plume (and related projects), please try to follow these rules:

Translation guides

That’s it, you know everything you need to translate Plume! Thank you for your help!