Delta i diskussionen

Gå med i vår Matrix Room för att delta i diskussioner om Plume, dela med dig av din feedback och/eller be om hjälp.

Discussion about Plume mostly take place on Matrix (instant chat, suited for support or feedback).

Vi pratar oftast engelska med varandra, men om du inte behärskar engelska flytande kan du tala på ditt modersmål (eller ett språk som du behärskar). Även om vi inte kan tala ditt språk gör vi vårt bästa för att kommunicera med dig. Oroa dig inte!

Joining the Matrix room

Matrix is federated chat (but it doesn’t use ActivityPub 😛). If you don’t have an account yet, you can find an instance here (if you don’t know which one to choose, just go for Once you created an account, open this link to join And you are done!

This place is the best one to give feedback or to ask for help if you encounter issues while using Plume, or while contributing for example.

Giving us feedback

If you want to give us feedback about Plume, the best place is the Matrix room (you can do it in other places, but it is more likely to be missed). Don’t hesistate to be honest when giving us feedback, and to speak about negative points as well as positive ones. As long as you aren’t rude we will be happy to ear what you have to say about Plume.