Updating from source

To update your instance, run these commands with plume user if you created it, or with your default user, in the Plume directory. Replace DATABASE with either postgres or sqlite depending on what you are using, and PLUME_VERSION with the latest version tag (0.7.1 currently).

# Get the latest version of the code
git pull origin master
git checkout PLUME_VERSION # Skip this step if you want to use master, and not a tagged release

# Build the front-end
cargo install wasm-pack
wasm-pack build --target web --release plume-front

# Update plm
cargo install --path plume-cli --force --features DATABASE
# Update plume
cargo install --path . --force --no-default-features --features DATABASE

# Run the migrations
plm migration run

# Restart your instance
# If you are using sysvinit
sudo service plume restart
# If you are using systemd
sudo systemctl restart plume

That’s it!