Contribute to Plume

You want to help, but you don't know how? These guides explain you how to translate Plume, hack on its source code, write documentation, etc.

Before contributing, be sure to read and agree with our Code of conduct

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of how you can contribute to Plume. Some may suit you better, depending on your skills and the time you want to offer to the project

Translators Guide

Explains how to translate Plume, and this documentation

Minimum time: 10 minutes

Guide stylistique

Guide stylistiques et recommendations pour la traduction de Plume en français

Minimum time: 2 minutes

Join the discussion

Join our Matrix room to take part to discussions about Plume, share your feedback, or ask for help.

Minimum time: 10 minutes

Report a bug

Somehting seems wrong? Maybe we can fix it together.

Minimum time: 5 minutes

Request a feature

You have an idea of improvements for Plume? Let us know!

Minimum time: 10 minutes

Development Guide

How to install Plume on your computer and make changes to the source code. This guide also gives you tips for making debugging and testing easier.

Minimum time: 30 minutes

But you can also contribute differently. For instance, you could:

If you contributed to Plume, you can add yourself to the contributors page if you want.

If you ever encounter some difficulties while trying to contribute, please tell us, we will be happy to help you.