Dependencies on Windows

There are several packages that need to be installed before getting started compiling Plume on Windows devices.

  1. Download and install Git-SCM
  2. Download and install Microsoft Visual Studio 2019
  3. a. For SQLite Database:

    Install Chocalatey using a PowerShell v2+ prompt:

    Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''))

    b. For PostgreSQL:

    Download PostgreSQL Binaries, extract to an easy place (i.e. C:\Extra\pgsql), and add the bin folder to your system path variable (which is needed to load the libpq.dll later on).

    To support the linker, add a PQ_LIB_DIR environment variable and point the postgres lib-folder to it (e.g. C:\Extra\pgsql\lib). Without this hint, the linker may stop with LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'libpq.lib'

  4. Download and install OpenSSL (i.e. C:\Extra\ssl). If not done by installer, add the bin folder to your system path variable (plume and plm will need libcrypto-3-x64.dll and libssl-3-x64.dll)

  5. Create new system variable called OPENSSL_DIR with a value of C:\Extra\ssl (or wherever you installed OpenSSL NOTE: this is not to the bin folder, it must be to root to get the bin and lib folders!)

  6. Download and install LLVM (libclang) (i.e. C:\Extra\LLVM)

  7. Create new system variable called LIBCLANG_PATH with a value of C:\Extra\LLVM\bin (or wherever you installed LLVM to)

  8. Currently, the build process depends on few Linux commands (e.g. xargs, stat, …). These commands are not available in a normal Windows environment. The simplest workaround is to install Cygwin and later run the cargo commands from the Cygwin terminal. A minimum package is sufficient. If this is not the case, the creation process panics with thread 'main' panicked at 'failed xargs command: Error { kind: NotFound, message: "program not found" }', These dependencies may be removed in future releases to simplify the build process again.

  9. The build needs GNUgettext to support text resources and internationalization. Download the zip file and extract it (e.g. to C:\Extra\gnugettext). Add the bin-folder to your PATH environment variable (e.g. C:\Extra\gnugettext\bin). As an alternative the gettext package of Cygwin can be used. However, since the goal is not to have Cygwin as a mandatory installation for the build, it is recommended to install GNUgettext as Windows binaries. If you miss GNUgettext, you will run in errors on building with wasm-pack (because the makros compile_i18n!() and include_i18n!() will not work)

  10. Reboot your PC to continue

Now that these dependencies have been installed, we need to install Rust which has a special installer.

Let’s do it!