Places where Plume is present

Places where you can find Plume online


Plume-org on GitHub

GitHub is the place where the code lives. The repository for Plume itself is Plume-org/Plume. The source of the documentation and the official website are also hosted here.

GitHub issues are used to list accepted features that should be implemented, or for bug reports. If a feature request needs to be discussed, a topic should be opened on Loomio first.


Plume on Crowdin

We use Crowdin to translate Plume’s projects.



Main room:



Matrix is our main discussion and support channel. We also make announcements about the project here, so you can join it to stay tuned.

We also have specialized rooms for developers and translators, that you are encouraged to join if you contribute to the project.

You can also join the Plume group, to have the ability to only show Plume rooms if you want.

Loomio (Framavox)

Plume’s Loomio group

Loomio is used to discuss features that need the input of the community before being included (or not).


This blog is the one we use to publish news about Plume. All release articles are published here, but it can also be about technical aspects of the projects, or more general announcements.


Plume on Liberapay

We use Liberapay to receive donations.

Docker Hub

plume-org on Docker Hub

We publish x86 docker images on Docker Hub. ARM images are hosted by Lollipop Cloud.

Joining one of these places

We will eventually ask you if you want to be added the GitHib organization, as a Crowdin manager, to the Matrix moderators or to the authors of

If you consider we should add you, you can also ask by yourselve.