Installing from the Snap store

Plume is available on the Snap Store. The snap package is isolated from your host and will automatically update, running any necessary migration tasks.

If you already have snapd installed, you can install Plume with sudo snap install --edge plume. More information, including instructions for installing snapd on your distro, can be found on Plume’s entry on the Snap Store.

Configuring the Plume snap

The Plume snap uses the native snap configuration interfaces to handle setup.

The minimal set up is sudo snap set plume db.type=sqlite followed by sudo snap set plume enabled=true.

This sets the base snap configuration; now you must configure your instance:

sudo plume.plm search init
sudo plume.plm instance new -d '' -n 'instance name' -l 'default licence'
sudo plume.plm users new -n 'admin' -N 'name' -b 'bio' -e '' -p 'pass' --admin

And that’s it! You can now setup a reverse-proxy to access Plume from other machines than your server (which is probably what you want 😁).

Configure a reverse-proxy