Installing pre-built binaries

This installation method is only available for 64 bits Linux machines. Pre-built binairies for other platforms may come in the future. For Windows users, try this page.

You will need to have wget installed for this method to work.

To download and install the latest release, first define the following variable in your shell:

Then run these commands:

# Create a directory to store executables (this is the standard place for Rust binaries)
mkdir -p ~/.cargo/bin
# Create a directory to store static files and database config
mkdir Plume
cd Plume

# Download the files
wget -O plume.tar.gz $DOWNLOAD_URI
# Extract them
tar -xf plume.tar.gz
mv bin/* ~/.cargo/bin/
# Make sure they are executable
chmod +x ~/.cargo/bin/*

# Clean useless files
rm plume.tar.gz
rmdir bin

# Add them to your path, so that you can run them (you may want to edit your ~/.bashrc too)

To check that everything went well, you can run plm --help. It should show an help message.

If everything is working, you can configure your instance.