Configuring OpenRC

This script can also be useful if you are using OpenRC.

#! /sbin/openrc-run
description="plume : federated blogging"
start() {
ebegin "Starting plume"
start-stop-daemon -v --start --exec "/home/plume/.cargo/bin/cargo run" --user "plume" --chdir "/home/plume/Plume" --background --stdout "/var/log/plume.log" --stderr "/var/log/plume.err" --make-pidfile --pidfile "/run/plume" -- "phx.server"
eend $?

stop() {
ebegin "Stopping plume"
start-stop-daemon --stop --user "plume" --chdir "/home/plume/Plume" --pidfile "/run/plume"
eend $?

Now you need to enable all of these services:

 rc-update add plume

Now start the services:

/etc/init.d/plume start

If everything works fine, the last step before you can use your Plume instance is to configure a reverse-proxy.

Reverse-proxy configuration