Plume documentation


Installing Plume

A guide to install your own Plume instance, using various methods (Docker, YunoHost, from source, etc)

Contribute to Plume

You want to help, but you don't know how? These guides explain you how to translate Plume, hack on its source code, write documentation, etc.

Updating your instance

Plume is still unstable and regularly gets new features and bug fixes. Keeping your instance up-to-date is important.

Useful Environment Variables

Plume uses environment variable to configure instances. You can use them to configure the database, or the HTTP interface for instance.

API documentation

Plume can be extended by other applications thanks to a REST API.

plm CLI reference

plm is a little CLI tool that can help you to manage your instance from the command line if you are admin of an instance.

How Plume Federates

A summary of the standards Plume uses to federate, how they are implemented, and which parts of these standards are available or not in Plume.


Documents that are mostly useful for internal organization