Plume に貢献する

支援を考えているが、どうすればいいかお困りですか? このガイドでは、Plume を翻訳する方法、コーディングをする方法、ドキュメンテーションを記述する方法などを説明します。

Before contributing, be sure to read and agree with our Code of conduct

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of how you can contribute to Plume. Some may suit you better, depending on your skills and the time you want to offer to the project


How to install Plume on your computer and make changes to the source code. This guide also gives you tips for making debugging and testing easier.

Minimum time: 30 minutes


Join our Matrix room to take part to discussions about Plume, share your feedback, or ask for help.

Minimum time: 10 minutes


Plume を経済的に支援します。

Minimum time: 10 minutes


予期しない動作が発生しましたか? 一緒に修正しましょう。

Minimum time: 5 minutes


Plume をより良くするアイデアをお持ちですか? ぜひお聞かせください!

Minimum time: 10 minutes



Minimum time: 10 minutes

But you can also contribute differently. For instance, you could:

If you contributed to Plume, you can add yourself to the contributors page if you want.

If you ever encounter some difficulties while trying to contribute, please tell us, we will be happy to help you.